Key morphological characters for veganizing

The goal is to transform carnivorous characters, the carnivore complex, to the herbivorous characters, the herbivore complex. We must focus on characters that are expected to change as a kind of animal become more herbivorous or carnivorous.

"Each of these characters represents features that are known to modify as lineages move toward the hypercanivore phenotype" (Halliday, 2010)

RBL - relative blade length (Van Valkenburgh, 1988, 1989)
blade/GSL - length of the trigonid (the carnassial shearing blade) relative to the remaining tooth surfaces
shape of the lower fourth premolar - width divided by length
P4/MI - ratio of the length of the upper fourth premolar relative to the length of the upper first molar
GSL/mI - total grinding surfaces relative to the length of the lower carnassial tooth (GSL/mI).

skull morphology - skull shape

morphological phylogenies


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