Intervening is a part of veganism

When humans become vegan and allow animals formerly bred for agriculture (like cows, pigs, and chickens) to live in sanctuaries, we want and indeed feel obligated to protect them from predators. We do not actually want them to be wild because then there is a decent chance they will become prey. We are aware that nature is a violent place and will not want to re-wild these animals we care very much about.

Why should one animal be protected from predators and another animal not be? Why should a pig on a sanctuary be kept safe from wolves but not a wild pig?

If we claim to want a vegan world and yet do nothing about predation, are we not hypocritical? Is it not inconsistent to show empathy for some animals and not for others, to defend animals from violent humans but not from violent non-humans?

Wild animals want to live, of course, just like domestic animals do. The death of an animal is equally as bad from the first-person perspective for both wild and non-wild animals.

It will only be natural and even inevitable, as this vegan transition occurs, for people to extend compassion to wild animals.


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